Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Unfamily Tradition

In 1968, I was 6 years old. My folks decided to have a picnic in San Mateo County Memorial Park. There were about a dozen or so folks there that first year. It became an annual event each summer and through the years more and more people started attending the picnic.

We called it our family picnic for many years until one of our friends, Jann Boyd, said it's really an "unfamily" picnic since there were so many various families and individuals that attended each year. The name stuck.

It's a day of food, horseshoes, BBQ, volleyball, food, enjoying the redwoods, hiking, food, laughter, friendship and, of course, food.

Year before last, my brother and I devised this logo which captures some of the spirit of the day. (The "L" in the logo is a banana slug, which you can find throughout the park if you look carefully.)

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